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A list of measure-words

This list was mostly derived from the CEDICT database, plus a couple of printed dictionaries and Liz Scurfield's Chinese textbook. There are probably many words missing still, some of these may well be wrong, and I have no idea how often they're actually used. The intention is more to provide a quick reference for Chinese characters that are "obviously" measure-words, than to assist in learning the correct measure-word for any given noun.

Word  Pronunciation  Used of
kou3population, mouthsful, wells
fen1length, area, weight, money, time
pi3horses, mules, bolts of cloth
zhi1stick-like objects, military contingents, songs, wattage
chu1dramas, plays, or operas
bao1packets, wrapped things
ju4poems, sentences, lines of verse
ben3books, files
jian4articles, items etc
fen4gifts, copies of a newspaper
hui2matters, actions, chapters
ci4occurrences, times
chuan4string, bunches, clusters
wei4persons (courteous)
ju2games, sets, innings
ba3handfuls, things with handles, and some abstract things
pi1batches, lots
shu4bundles, bunches
shen1clothing, suits
xie1indefinite or small amounts
ju4tools, corpses
ke4quarters of an hour
zhi1slender or stick-like objects
pao1urine, faeces
gu3string-shaped things, air, fragrance, strength, groups of people (derog.), electric current
gua4string-shaped things, strings of things
jia4aeroplanes, radios
miao3seconds (of time)
shou3poems, songs
lia3two (colloquial)
ge4people, non-specific other items
tao4sets of things, series, suites
zuo4mountains, bridges
shan4doors, windows
zhu1plants, trees
ban1crowds, classes, scheduled transport vehicles
zhi3pieces or sheets, paper
zhi1birds, some animals, some utensils, one of a pair of things
fu4sets of things, facial expressions, sunglasses
zhang1flat objects
juan3rolls, spools, reels
tiao2long, narrow things
bu4works of literature, films, machines
ding3hats, sedan chairs
chang3games or performances
ke1trees, cabbages
kuai1chunks, lumps
kuai4cloth, cake, soap
sui4years of age
qun2swarms, flocks
dao4rivers, topics
tai2performances, engines
ceng2layers, floors
pan2dishes of food, coils of wire
bang4pounds, printer's points
pian1articles, chapters
cu4bunches, clusters
ke1small spheres
dian3small amounts, hours, items or matters, printer's points