What am I up to?
· I work as a developer at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. See my staff directory page for more about my work there.
· Until October 2014, I worked on the SoundSoftware project, aiming to help audio and music researchers in UK academia manage software development more productively.
· Many of my ongoing software projects appear on the SoundSoftware code site.
· I co-own a consultancy called Particular Programs Ltd, some of whose commercial and open-source software projects are available through Breakfast Quay.
· You can find my CV, or LinkedIn profile as it's known these days, here.
· I have a personal blog, photos on Flickr, and occasional tweets.

Software new and old.
· Sonic Visualiser, a program for looking at the contents of digital audio files, particularly of music.
· EasyMercurial, a friendly user interface for the Mercurial version control system.
· Rosegarden audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.
· Rubber Band, an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library and utility program.
· Vamp, an interface for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins.
· The DSSI audio effects and instrument plugin interface, and dssi-vst plugin adapter.
· Studio to Go!, a commercial Linux distribution of music and audio applications: discontinued in 2008, but if you're interested you can still read a review or a couple of articles about it.
· wm2 and wmx X11 window managers.
· Bitmap Garamond and Codec one-size BDF bitmap screen fonts.
· Mandarin big-5 online annotator with matching grammar notes for complete beginners like me.
· An OpenGL hack for xscreensaver inspired by SGI electropaint. No longer worth your time: this program is infinitely better.
· A simple Missile Command style game for X11.

Very short stories.
· A Love Story; Culture; Hessian; Folded; A Game; The First-time Buyer; February; Cushions.

  A couple of interviews I conducted for a now-defunct web magazine.
· Music Typesetting on Linux: An Interview with Mike Mack SmithThe People Behind LilyPond.

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